We have served thousands of clients and have hundreds of testimonials! Here are a few recent ones.

"David is well-liked and well respected in the community. He also puts in many volunteer hours for different organizations. David represents himself very well, he is always on time, and easily reachable. I would highly recommend David Coutchie for any auctioneering, but especially for benefits and non-for-profit organizations."

- Alicia

These folks always have a wonderful auction and are extremely easy to work with. Always a very positive experience. Highly recommend to anyone, anytime. -Roger

The staff has been courteous and the way the auctions are set up are great! They share information about the items and take several pictures if needed to show the condition of said items. I've been pleased with the scheduling of pick up times as well.


"David and his team did an amazing job with my mom's home! Living out of the area and after meeting David i was sure they'd do a good job cleaning our her home and caring for the yard. They did everything as promised and much more! The truth is if it wasn't for the Advantage Auction Team I would have not been able to sell my mom's home without taking a loss on it. I would highly recommend his team!"

- Becky

I have been bidding and winning on Advantage Auctions for several years. They are very well organized, managed and friendly.


"David Coutchie took our Live Auction from an average event to an incredible success. He engaged the crowd and encouraged participation to a higher level than we ever expected. He truly " made" the auction with his quick thinking, wit and dedication."

- Steph

"I have never seen an auctioneer work so hard to get top dollar for each and every item. He educates himself on the organization, event, or benefit that he is there to work for. Many organizations report record breaking numbers when David Coutchie is the auctioneer."

- Culver

" As a community volunteer for the last 18 years, I have had the experience of working with many auctioneers to help raise money for different community events, benefits, and non-profit organizations. Although each and every one of them was very much appreciated, never before have I ever seen anyone who could work the crowd quite like David Coutchie."

- John

" David puts on an excellent show when he is working the crowds. He interacts with the crowd in such a way that it is fun! I have even seen David Coutchie raise nearly $1,000 on getting people to " pledge" instead of bid. It was a beautiful thing to watch. He recognized that there were people in the room who wanted to open their pockets, but didn't really see anything they wanted to bid on."

- Alvin

Advantage Auction is my favorite. I greatly appreciate the organization in pick up time and items being identified. Never an issue with an Advantage Auction unlike other auctions where items are not there at pick up or items sold without titles. I appreciate the administrative efforts that keep Advantage Auction at the top of any peer group.